Chicken and Berries Salad + Hummus Toast


Fat (g)Protein (g)Carbs (g)Fiber (g)Total (kcal)
Arugula (80g)1,62,4122,4
Chicken Breast (150g)11,225215
Mixed Red Berries (80g)11246
Piquillo/Sweet Pepper (60g) 2<116
Cherry Tomatoes (50g)29
Olive Oil (5g ~ 1 teaspoon)6
Hummus (50g)4210288,5
Toasted Bread (40g) 1,2421,6<1 117,2

Vegan/vegetarian substitutes for chicken:

Fat (g)Protein (g)Carbs (g)Fiber (g)Total (kcal)
Firm Tofu (300g) 519,74,3231
Edamame (200g) 822148218

Cut the chicken (or substitute) to bite size, and grill on medium heat with the peppers. (if using raw edamame, boil first and then grill. if pre-cooked, add to the final mix)

Mix all ingredients, season to taste and set toasted bread with hummus as a side!