Octopus and Avocado Salad


Fat (g)Protein (g)Carbs (g)Fiber (g)Total (kcal)
Boiled Octopus (150g)343,36246
Avocado (100g)14286160
Red Onion (40g)<13,6<116
Tomato (100g)3118
Olive Oil (5g ~1 teaspoon)6

Vegan/vegetarian substitutes for octopus:

Fat (g)Protein (g)Carbs (g)Fiber (g)Total (kcal)
Edamame (200g)822148218
Firm Tofu (350g) 6235270

To prepare the octopus (or tofu):
I suggest you purchase pre-boiled and sliced octopus for you convenience! If you’d like to purchase fresh octopus, you’ll have to boil it beforehand.

Set a pan on high heat and toss the octopus (or tofu) on it, to grill it. We just want to warm it up and make it golden, don’t overdo it.

If you chose edamame: it comes already prepared, just add it to your salad!

Once everything is ready, lightly salt and drizzle the oil on your salad!

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